Fitness Mantra

Kokum supports digestion by boosting liver health, fighting inflammation and acidity.

Our ancestors have always stressed on aligning our food with the season. Well, this might hold a lot of truth. Our eating habits should be in harmony with nature. The ancestral way of living will be easy on our wallet, as well health. Our body tends to crave certain foods in specific seasons. For example, as the temperature soars in summers, it automatically leans towards hydrating and cooling foods, while deep fried food look and sound less appetising. Keeping in mind that summer has already set in, it is worth discussing some food items that will be suitable during this season. Try to add them in your daily diet as much as possible.


Also known as sweet basil or tukhmaria, they are tiny but powerful seeds for acidity, diabetes and weight loss. They are inherently cooling in nature. One can have them infused in water as they swell up or they can be added over fruits or smoothie.


Its cooling nature helps offset most cases of acidity and heat strokes. Kokum supports digestion by boosting liver health, fighting inflammation and acidity.


Not all spices are heaty. Some of them like fennel (saunf) and cumin (jeera) have
a cooling effect on the body. One can either have infused water or brew them with tea. They also have digestion enhancing properties and can tackle any indigestion, bloating, flatulence, etc.


It is a well-known summer drink in East India and a drink of choice for labourers
who work under the scorching sun. Like sabja, sattu made from roasted chana
flour is cooling as well as filling, and easy to digest.


Mangoes, wood apple (bel), watermelon, muskmelon, jamun, litchee, passion fruit are typical of summers. Nature has intelligently timed these fruits to grow in this season as they are hydrating, electrolyte rich, cooling for digestive system and immunity boosting so as to safeguard ourselves of the upcoming monsoon and related maladies.


Avoid greasy foods that are heavy and can slow the digestion. Stay away from processed foods as they are loaded with refined sugar, salt and oil, and can trigger inflammation, and acidity. Avoid binging on tea and coffee as they are diuretic and can dehydrate you at the cellular level. Plus, they are acidic. The same goes for alcohol. If you wish to have tea, prefer homemade iced or herbal tea sweetened with jaggery or raw honey and make sure you balance its effects with a glass of water after drinking it.


We wake up with acidic bodies, hence cooling and alkaline drinks like sabja seeds infused water, wheatgrass juice, kokum water are the best consumed first thing in the morning and as mid-meals. Avoid drinking them between meals as they can dilute stomach acids and hinder effective digestion and absorption. If its coconut water you prefer, drink it in the first half of the day.