Fitness is her religion

Fitness is her religion

It’s a feat to be successful when success doesn’t really come to you the mainstream way. Malaika Arora being a case in point. With her cult Chaiyya Chaiyya, she introduced the contemporary Bollywood to the power of an item song; something that was further established with Munni Badnaam Hui. While shuttling to and fro between veejaying, modelling or just being an item queen; two elements have been a constant in life—fashion and fitness. While playing a perfect brand ambassador for Reebok’s community platform for fitness UnRest, she shares her take on diet, workouts and the famous gym looks.

A healthy balance of workouts 

I love my fitness routine and I follow it religiously. Be it yoga, pilate or working out at the gym, I enjoy all kinds of fitness activities. I ensure my workouts are a mix of moderate and vigorous driven training that makes me fit physically, socially and mentally.

My gym look

I prefer well-fitted apparel that helps me enhance my movement during workouts. It is absolute necessary to wear the right workout gear that gives you comfort, fit and flexibility.

No fad diets, please

I don’t believe in any of the fad diets I read and hear about. I just follow simple principles when it comes to my diet. I prefer eating anything healthy, and in moderation.

I kick-start my day with 

I start my day with some hot water and a bullet coffee.

Sweet tooth? Oh, yes!

My sweet tooth weakness is tiramisu and gulab jamun.

Yoga, any day

I do sweat it out at the gym, but my one go-to fitness form is yoga. I love practicing different forms of yoga! Yoga is for everyone and is open to all generations and fitness levels. From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, yoga has immense benefits.

Words of wisdom

Do not take fitness for granted. Push yourself harder each day, each moment.