After assessing numerous specialist studies, a new review concludes that exercise can help to both prevent depression and treat its symptoms. However, current treatments for depression often fail to include this lifestyle adjustment, despite the strong evidence. A new review of the specialist literature emphasizes the need to add exerciseRead More →

Patients with type 2 diabetes should be prescribed physical activity to control their blood sugar and also to improve heart health, recommends a position paper from the European Association of Preventive Cardiology. The paper provides practical recommendations for doctors on how to motivate patients to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine,Read More →

Over the years, the national sports awards and controversies have gone hand in hand. Time and again, the sports ministry has tried to streamline the process and make it more transparent but that has hardly reduced the feeling of being ‘deprived’ among athletes. On the contrary, the discontent has grownRead More →

A five-day multi-national exercise organised by the Indian Air Force with the aim of sharing procedures and capabilities of air forces to improve disaster response concluded on Friday. Besides hosts India, the air forces of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE took part in the exercise titled ‘Samvedna’, whichRead More →

Days after pulling out of the Bimstec joint military exercise in India at the last minute, the Nepal Army on Monday began its second wargame with the Chinese military at Chengdu. The “Sagarmatha Friendship-2” military exercise in China’s Sichuan province will last 10 days. Both sides have fielded a platoonRead More →

From what trainers you need to what time you should eat, here’s everything you need to know to smash your goals this year. MEET OUR EXPERTS MICHELLE BRIDGES b+s fitness expert VICTORIA BURDON Exercise scientist and head trainer at Zova PAUL PENNA Sports psychologist at Focus Performance Psychology KUSAL GOONEWARDENARead More →