600-pound drug dealer is so obese makeshift courtroom had to be set up in back of ambulance

Drug dealer Kirk Lenell Smith is so morbidly obese he had to admit cocaine trafficking from the back of an ambulance

A 600-pound drug dealer is so morbidly obese he had to plead guilty to cocaine trafficking from the back of an ambulance. The emergency vehicle was driven up to the loading bay of Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday morning, with Kirk Lenell Smith slumped in a bed in the back. Smith, 42, admitted cocaine trafficking and being a felon in possession of a gun during the bizarre hearing, which was attended by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Explaining the decision to set up a makeshift court, Judge Tom Heekin said: ‘Moving Kirk Smith from the ambulance would endanger his health and well-being.’ Smith was hooked up to a blood oxygen monitor throughout proceedings. The bizarre hearing took place at Hamilton County Court in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday (Picture: Google Maps) He gave one or two-word answers to questions asked throughout the legal session. Smith was offered the chance to make a statement, and attempted to do so, but was so unwell he was unable to speak.

Court reported Kevin Grasha stood next to Judge Heekin at the open doors to the ambulance to hear Smith get sentenced to two years jail. Heekin stood with one foot inside the back of the ambulance throughout. Smith’s sentence was agreed on as part of a plea deal struck between Smith and prosecutors. The obese criminal’s home was searched last April, with cops discovering a backpack containing cocaine ‘in an amount indicative of trafficking.’ They also discovered a loaded 9mm Kel-Tec gun. Smith was previously convicted of cocaine trafficking in 2009, and jailed for three years following that offense. He has similar convictions dating back to 1999, according to court records seen by the Enquirer.